Fans & netizens comment on EXO DO's voluntary enlistment

Fans & netizens comment on EXO DO's voluntary enlistment

- DO is confirmed to have enlisted voluntarily. His enlistment will take place on July 1st.

- EXO's concert begins on July 19 and runs for 2 weeks which he will narrowly miss.

- He will be discharged in January 2021, which is just before the filming date of Along With The Gods 2. By then, other members will enlist so there won't be many group promotions.

- Fans have been already disappointed with DO's lack of enthusiasm in EXO's promotions


Pann: I've been an EXO stan for 8 years and I give up on Do Kyungsoo now

1. [+805, -48] Kyungsoo-ya, you need to wake up for real. Your votes for Baeksang and the cheering crowd to cheer you up are 90% EXO fans, not your fans as an actor.

2. [+655, -61] A planned enlistment to avoid a concert and to fit the date of Along With The Gods, goosebumps.

3. [+553, -33] Even those who are defending Do Kyungsoo right now know he has no affection left for EXO anymore. He freaks out at the fans who are waiting for him after a schedule but when he's Actor Do Kyungsoo, he's super kind to the fans waiting for him after a schedule.

4. [+308, -3] What's funny is that Joonmyun will enlist after the concert but Kyungsoo is voluntarily enlisting for a film when he still has 2 more years left.

5. [+303, -2] Honestly, if you're an EXO-L, you've worried about how Kyungsoo is feeling at least once. It's wise of him to talk carefully but is it that hard to say the things fans want him to for at least once? He says EXO's promotions are his priority but when he's Actor Do Kyungsoo, he even shaves his head whereas when he's EXO Do Kyungsoo, his face is always blank and never agrees to wear the rabbit hat. I love DO's voice as a fan so I'm really worried that he'll leave EXO. I hope he makes it clear that EXO will last long.

6. [+280, -4] We're not mad about him enlisting. We're mad that he can still do the concert and enlist but he's enlisting before that and how he chose to enlist to film the movie. Besides, there are so many things that he disappointed the fans with, so the fans aren't having it anymore.


Pann: Fans are pissed at EXO Do Kyungsoo's voluntary enlistment

1. [+278, -72] I've seen many idols who left their groups to debut as actors but DO is a legendary one... Not leaving the group but enlisting earlier to skip on the group promotions and after he's discharged, he can promote as an actor without having to care about the group. Kya... goosebumps.

2. [+230, -49] If he was my bias, I would've been totally speechless.

3. [+196, -80] Goosebumps, he's a selfish kid.


Pann: I'm an EXO fan and I'm disappointed with DO

1. [+258, -48] I left the fandom way before. If you're an idol, isn't communication a must thing to do? On the official app, he posts like once a year. He doesn't use social media so we can't even see a selca of him. Never does V app, either. I wonder if he truly cares about the fans. There's nothing about him so I had to stan with old videos only. It made me frustrated so I left the fandom.

2. [+247, -88] EXO's concert was supposed to be in February but fans were confused why it got pushed. So DO was the reason. I'm an EXO fan but I'll support OT8 without DO. He doesn't want to promote as EXO, too annoyed to prepare for the concert, but wants to film Along With The Gods 3 in 2021 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yeah, do whatever you want.

3. [+197, -33] It pisses me off to think how the delay of the concert created rumors about other members.


Article: "Heavy heart"... 'Enlisting in July' Do Kyungsoo (DO) writes a letter to fans

Source: My Daily via Nate

1. [+163, -8] Usually, celebrities delay as much as they could but he's enlisting earlier than the hyungs in his group. I think it's actually better to enlist early. Hope he has a safe enlistment!

2. [+135, -6] Kyungsoo-ya, be healthy ㅠㅠ Sad that I won't see you at the concert but I always respect your decision.

3. [+68, -5] I still can't forget 100 Days My Prince. I re-watch it sometimes and it's a masterpiece.

4. [+13, -1] I think his shoulders will look broader after ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's cool.

5. [+12, -1] He's saying that his heart is heavy because he couldn't inform the fans first due to the journalists ㅠㅠ Have a safe enlistment~


Source: Naver

1. [+1123, -25] Whatever Kyungsoo decides, I'll always cheer for him~

2. [+603, -9] Have a safe enlistment Do Kyungsoo <3

3. [+359, -11] It's your duty as a Korean man~ These days, if you're a celebrity, it's much better to enlist early.

4. [+267, -11] I was so surprised but I'll respect your decision~ Have a safe enlistment for a better future~

5. [+259, -56] He delayed a lot since people enlist in their early 20's. But since he's enlisting in his mid-20's, he can come back and act, release solo albums, and promote more.

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