Momoland Nancy and The Boyz Q spotted at a drinking house

Momoland Nancy and The Boyz Q spotted at a drinking house

Momoland Nancy and The Boyz Q spotted at a drinking house 2

Momoland Nancy and The Boyz Q spotted at a drinking house 3

Pann: Idols who will be in dating news soon

1. [+708, -14] Momoland is over. Their fandom is weak to begin with but Daisy and now the center Nancy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ JooE carried the group but it looks like they peaked with Bboom Bboom and will end up like Crayon Pop.

2. [+581, -9] They must have zero ambition to succeed. I guess they're satisfied with their mediocre success.

3. [+380, -36] Honestly, the public won't care about idols dating and adults going to the drinking house. But for the fans, it's different.

4. [+292, -2] This is so funny

Momoland Nancy and The Boyz Q spotted at a drinking house 4

(Momoland Nancy and Cherry Bullet Jiwon) "Are they both close because their boyfriends are in the same group?"

5. [+252, -4] I see people asking what's wrong with going on a double date at a drinking house, smoking, and drinking but if you want to do all of them, you can quit being an idol and do them as a non-celebrity. They didn't expect to be caught at a drinking house in Kondae area which is crowded while they don't bother to cover their faces? They must know they have too little fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+244, -3] There's also Cherry Bullet Jiwon and The Boyz Eric there.

7. [+237, -11] I'm speechless, why are they idols? The reason why Twice and BTS are doing well is because they're good people and they don't date or they date in secret. Even Red Velvet who's in their 6th year had no dating rumors.

8. [+229, -1] Yoona's legendary saying: "I want to go to the movies and date freely. But I can't be free from the eyes of the public. It's a burden that I have to accept as I chose to be a celebrity. The burden is much lighter than the fans' love, so I'm happy."

9. [+177, -2] Why are non-fans saying it's fine? It's fine for them because they don't spend any money on them. For the fans, it's not the same. They spend money, give their hearts, and cheer for them. Besides, they're rookies, not veterans. If they want to do anything, they shouldn't have debuted. It's not like someone forced them to debut, they chose it.

10. [+176, -0] F*ck. If my group got caught in pictures like that, I'd be flipping out.

11. [+147, -2] Do you know why Cherry Bullet is screwed? After Pristin got caught going to a club, they had no promotions and disbanded.

12. [+136, -7] They got caught in a sasaeng molka.

13. [+125, -2] Momoland has a lot of i-roaches stanning them so they won't flop but they'll just have events for their promotions ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Momoland Daisy had dating rumors with iKON Yunhyung but iKONICs supported Yunhyung's relationship. Since the survival show, he's been around for 7 years and it was his first dating rumors. He was always hard-working and didn't have any controversy before. The fans didn't feel anything wrong about it and wanted him to date. But this is a different situation ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're a rookie girl group that's just starting to rise. They don't bother to be careful and got into dating rumors not too long after. Nancy is even drinking in a booked room ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think they don't want to be idols.

14. [+124, -5] Whether they're friends or lovers, it's not normal for idols to be in boy-girl pairs and drinking in a room like that.

15. [+107, -1] They have time to date because they're unpopular and have plenty of time to do so ㅋㅋ There are 1st tier idols that spend their every spare time to date but these days, it's these flop idols that get caught more. Pentagon and G-IDLE had multiple members dating but they were forgotten because people didn't care. The Boyz has more dating rumors but they're a flop enough to be unaffected by it. Momoland didn't suffer when Daisy had dating rumors and I don't think Nancy will affect the group, either. Momoland and The Boyz are just that mediocre.

16. [+106, -2] There hasn't been any idols drinking in boy-girl pairs, has there? They should cover themselves or drink at a deserted place. Of course fans would be pissed.

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