Current Melon chart with "dry" songs instead of summer-vibe songs


1) Thank You for Goodbye - Ben

2) Drunk on Love - Jang Hye Jin, Yoon Min Soo of Vibe

3) Your Regards - Song Ha Yea

4) You&I - Melomance

5) Phocha - Inwook Hwang

6) We Don't Talk Together - Heize

7) If There Was Practice in Love - Lim Jae Hyun

8) To You My Light - Maktub

9) To Be Honest - Kim Na Young

10) Speechless - Naomi Scott

Instiz: Current Melon chart that makes this summer even hotter

- Ugh, this is some winter emotions

- Hate sajaegi

- I expected to see Chungha or Red Velvet

- It's because the machines are listening to the ballads

- Can people stop breaking up? It's hot enough already and the songs are so autumn.

- Seriously. This summer doesn't seem to have any refreshing song... The song titles make me sweat ㅋㅋㅋ

- Sistar used to take over the summer ㅠㅠ I miss them

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