More cafes adopt 'No Teenager Zone' following 'No Kids Zone'

More cafes adopt 'No Teenager Zone' following 'No Kids Zone' 

Reasons to ban teenagers: They abuse smoking rooms, swear, spit, and are loud


Pann: Cafes that are increasing these days

1. [+346, -0] The owners are the ones that'll suffer the loss, so... They must be desperate.

2. [+236, -0] It's because the laws are too lax. There are so many annoying people...

3. [+224, -0] They smoke on the street in their school uniforms... I was amazed.

4. [+53, -0] The high school kids in my neighborhood got caught drinking at a bar so the bar had to shut down. Honestly, the bar isn't the only one at fault. Shouldn't the high school kids get a similar punishment as well? Teenagers these days are a big problem.

5. [+45, -0] There needs to be a law where they can be kicked out if they disturb the place and other customers. Because of the people who have no manners, we have 'No Kids Zone' and 'No Teenager Zone' where their entrance is banned.

6. [+39, -3] Spitting, smoking, swearing loudly and screaming... That's what male delinquent students do ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+38, -9] What we need more is No Korean Men Zone.

8. [+36, -0] Their conversations start with swearing and end with swearing. They say "f*cking" in every sentence. It's annoying. I want to smack their heads. And people say it's male delinquents but the girls are worse. They swear, sing out loud, spit, fix makeup, and wipe their hands on the table. I wanted to beat them up. I'd rather suffer the loss and ban teenagers. I also run a business.

9. [+34, -1] I was waiting for my friend at a coffee shop. 5~6 boys entered the shop, ordered two drinks, and started chatting. They were sitting beside my table. They brought water and started pouring water on themselves for filming a video. I swore automatically. I don't want to see mannerless idiots.

10. [+29, -0] It's the owners' choice. It's not like teenagers are the main source of earnings. They destroy things, are loud, and take up the bathroom. A group of 4~5 teens order only a couple of drinks, take a 6-people table, stay there for 3~4 hours, use tissue, use the cups, take up the bathroom, and talk loudly. It's better not to take them. Like adults, they should order at least one drink per person, chat quietly, and leave in an hour.

11. [+21, -0] A bus stop with a lot of middle and high school students is already a disaster. They swear, act so loud, and spit. So disgusting.

12. [+20, -2] Having 'one drink per customer' policy would filter out most teenagers. Usually, teenagers come in a bunch and only order 1~2 drinks. Do they have to filter out by age like that? The most annoying customers are actually ajussis and grandpas. Why are they not banning them? It's about killing the weak ㅋㅋ

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