Whereabouts of Mina, Choa, and Yookyung since leaving AOA


Mina - Didn't renew her contract with FNC and left AOA in 2019. She joined O&Ent and is planned to promote as an actress.


Choa - Left AOA in 2017. Whereabouts unknown except her Instagram updates thanking her fans for birthday ads once a year.


Yookyung - Left AOA in 2016. Worked as an instructor at a drum academy. Got her master's as a drum major. Uploads drum covers on Youtube. Joined an indie member 'P.AZIT' as a drummer.

Pann: Recent whereabouts of the members who left AOA

1. [+178, -6] People criticize Choa too easily. It's true that she affected AOA in a negative way but it's not like she's promoting actively after leaving the group. Over the last 2 years she's been doing nothing. I think it was very tough for her to be in front of the public at that time. Instead of forcing yourself to continue promoting and then getting into a scandal, it's better to leave the group if you can't handle it.

2. [+174, -3] What is Choa really up to?

3. [+93, -48] I read that when Choa decided to leave the group, Jimin tried to convince her by saying, "Unnie can go on any variety show but our members Yuna, Hyejeong, and Chanmi still need more time so please hold on until we're stable enough." But Choa disappeared and announced her withdrawal. I know Choa had her own struggles but considering the other members, I don't see that that positively.

4. [+79, -8] I doubt Choa left the group because of a man...

5. [+68, -77] Didn't Choa leave the group because of a man? I just feel bad for the rest of the AOA members because they lost their main vocalist. I hope the members do well, they didn't seem to be paid well, too.

6. [+67, -2] Mina left, too? I didn't know that.

7. [+66, -1] They must've wanted to stay as a band instead of stripping and being a girl group. The last member did join a band again.

8. [+43, -1] I'm a fan of a boy group and I'm not trying to shield Choa for affecting her group for dating. But I've always thought they must be struggling so much when they were promoting. They always pushed a sexy concept and wore short, tight outfits. Their fancams have really dirty sexual insults from men. The thumbnails are so provocative, too. Members like Choa and Hyejeong had it the worst. It must be really hard mentally to be a female idol.

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